New technologies, citizen participation and local development. A case study for evaluation

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new technologies-citizensAutor: Francisco SIERRA CABALLERO.
Año: 2007
En: Toulouse

The breaking of the internal and external boundaries of cities and territories, and the merging together and confusion of public and private spaces, which have always been traditionally separated in modern political discourse and communication, indicates not only new cultural trends in human organization and socializing, but also, through the various electronic forms of interaction and information exchange, the constitution of a new space for political identity and participation.

In the following text, some innovative experiences in the European Union are analyzed, presenting the preliminary discussion about the conceptual bases of new strategic vision for the social movements that tries to explore the new local forms of cultural autonomy of the citizens through the appropriation of the new technologies of information in a social research applied on ICTs and Citizen Participation of the network CITIZ@MOVE (URBACT. European Commission).

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